Spotify is Now Available in Ghana

Finally, Spotify has launched in several countries across Africa.

This is good news for Ghanaian musicians, podcasters and listeners who had been left out of all the goodies that Spotify offers.

How to Download Spotify in Ghana

Let’s dip right into it, in the past you needed a VPN to have access to Spotify in Ghana, but now all you have to do is search for Spotify in your app store and download the app.

You can also use Spotify on your computer.

Visit Spotify’s website to download the web app.

Download Spotify using the links below:

How Much is Spotify in Ghana?

Spotify has different pricing packages. All the packages come with 1 month Free Premium.

Spotify also has a completely free tier where you get to enjoy without paying a pesewa but that has certain disadvantages.

Example, you get bombarded with ads while listening to playlists. You are also limited to a fixed number of songs you can skip during a period.

Below are the Spotify prices in Ghana:


GH₵ 17.00/month after 1 month Free Premium – 1 account


GH₵ 22.00/month after 1 month Free Premium – 2 accounts


GH₵ 27.00/month after 1 month Free Premium – 6 accounts


GH₵ 8.50/month after 1 month Free Premium – 1 account

Spotify Ghana Prices

How To Pay for Spotify Ghana?

Choose the package that best suits you.

To subscribe, you need to select your preferred package and make payment using either a VISA or Mastercard.

Now enjoy access to countless songs and podcasts.

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