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Hey, we are a step closer to a “creator age” online where we will all be making and producing digital content; in videos, audios or written.

So whether you are a social media influencer, YouTuber or blogger there are some free tools you need to make your work easier.

Below are some apps you will need to make you work easier.


Want to reduce the file size of your images and still maintain high quality? Squoosh was created for you.

Squoosh can do exactly that. Just drop your large-sized image on and your file will be taken care of.

Squoosh gives you the options to choose the quality percentage. E.g you can choose to have the quality at 80% and also have the file size reduced. It’s a win-win.

Remove Image Background

Yeah, we all have that image that we dislike the background. We want to remove the background but we are no experts with the software Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to get the task done.

Don’t fret!

You can get background removed by visiting and dropping the image on the homepage. is a free image background remover. The website is able to automatically detect background and remove it from your image.

Alternative to Background

Below is a free alternative to

Convert and Save Videos – HandBrake App

Do you have a video file in a format that is not preferable? The file size is too big or video is in a file format you cannot work with.

HandBrake is a open-source application for converting video from nearly any format to modern formats like MP4, MKV and WebM and many widely supported codecs.

Visit HandBrake and download the app on your PC/MacOs to begin using the application.

You will need to install Microsoft .NET Desktop Runtime 6.0 if you don’t already have it on your PC. Install that from Microsoft: .NET Desktop Runtime Download Page.

Which other apps do you use that you find helpful? Let us know in comments section below.

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