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The Google Marketplace Jara has been discontinued. It was part of several other Google Area 120 projects that were axed to improve efficiency of other viable Google Area 120 projects.

Google has introduced a new marketplace for emerging markets called Jara.

Jara is a free website/app that helps businesses get new customers and increase sales.

When you open a shop on the platform, you get to put your products out in front of a huge audience.

If you familiar with marketplaces like Tonaton and JiJi, then Google’s Jara website shouldn’t look like a new ground to you, both as a seller and a buyer.

How to put your Shop on Jara

So, you are interested in putting your shop out there, right? Well, follow these simple steps to go live on Jara.

  1. Visit Jara webpage
  2. Create an account by logging in with your Google account
  3. Click on the Menu icon and select Create a Shop
  4. Fill out the form on the Add Shop page that shows up and click Submit.

That’s it, you are done creating your shop. Now start adding your products.

Make sure to upload high quality product images. This is good for your business since nice appealing images attract more customers.

Note: your products will be reviewed to make sure it meets all the guidelines before going public.

Google’s Jara also offers advertising options to all shop vendors.

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