Get Yellow Fever Vaccine – Ghana

Hey, so you know that Ghana is considered a Yellow Fever prone zone, and that means that before you travel to most countries, it is required you show proof that you been vaccinated against Yellow Fever.

Which Hospital Can I Get Yellow Fever Vaccine?

Well, you can get it from all Regional hospitals in Ghana and a few private ones like Ghana Airport Clinic Ltd.

Call your Regional hospital and find out the times they are available for giving the Yellow Fever vaccine and other enquiries.

If you are close to Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, we would highly recommend you get your vaccination there.

How Much is Yellow Fever Vaccine in Ghana?

The Yellow Fever vaccine is cheaper at the government hospitals. It costs Ghc 70 to get the Yellow Fever vaccine at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, (as at January 2024).

Other private health facilities charge Ghc 200 for the Yellow Fever vaccine.

Airport Clinic Ltd charges $20 for the Yellow Fever vaccine.

Things Needed to Get The Yellow Fever Vaccine

You will need your valid passport.

The vaccine is a usually a single dose for an adult.

Getting Your Yellow Fever Vaccine at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital

As at January, 2024, Korle Bu Teaching Hospital’s Public Health Department (responsible for vaccinations) is open for the Yellow Fever vaccination on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between the hours of 8:30am to 2pm.

You can find the Public Health Department above the Accident Center (close to the main entrance).

If you need a Yellow Fever vaccine card to travel, most countries require that vaccine has been taken at least 10 days prior to your travel.

What are The Side Effects of the Yellow Fever Vaccine?

View the CDC Yellow Fever vaccine page to know more about the possible side effects, who should and shouldn’t take the vaccine etc.

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