Get Vodafone Ghana eSim and MTN eSim


Vodafone/Telecel Ghana becomes the third Telco after MTN Ghana and AirtelTigo to introduce eSim in Ghana. With eSims, you don’t need to get a physical SIM card.

What is eSim?

An eSIM is a digital version of the physical SIM card. It identifies your device and provides network connection.

Does eSim work in Ghana?

Yes, eSim works in Ghana and it was first introduced to the market by MTN Ghana.

How to Check if your Phone Supports An eSim

Dial *#06# and find the barcode with EID numbers. The EID numbers mean that your smartphone supports eSim.

How Do I Get a Vodafone eSim in Ghana?

Visit the nearest Vodafone/Telecel shop and request for an eSim.

How Do I Get an MTN eSim in Ghana?

To request for an MTN Ghana eSim, you first have to download the MyMTN app from Apple app store or Google’s Play store.

After installing the app, open it and click on More and tap Get E-Sim. After which you will have to add your number and proceed to request the eSim.

After submitting a request via MyMTN App, your request is processed within 48 hours after which updates are shared via customer’s email.

Now that you MTN eSim has been activated, you can start to make calls and brows the internet.

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