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    To make TechHubGH Forum more enjoyable for everyone, please follow these site rules:

    No spam
    No hacking the site
    No spoofing member accounts
    No personal attacks
    No misuse of the personal message system (sending mass messages, spam, solicitations)
    No topic hijacking. Start a new topic instead
    Post topics once. Do not copy/paste the same topic in multiple places
    Keep topics in the right category (no technology posts in the scholarship category!)
    Keep content moderately clean and office/family friendly (no gore, porn, etc)
    No trolling
    TechHubGH has a zero tolerance policy on spam, porn, hacking the site or user account spoofing.
    Any users who violate that policy will be banned, forever
    The TechHubGH staff will not tolerate consistent attacks and personal insults
    Please do not purposefully spread made-up articles, media, or stories; directed towards specific demographics or users with the intent to cause panic and unsettling disorder in public..
    TechHubGH respects the privacy of its users and their right to anonymity. TechHubGH does not share, sell, or trade personal information of a user’s account with any third party. Please respect each other’s privacy. We encourage users to keep their private information to themselves. The internet can be a nasty place sometimes.
    If user has publicly disclosed this information (in the current or in the past; to an account or person), it will be up to that user to request removal of said information.
    TechHubGH restricts avatars, profile photos, and any type of image or video posted on this site containing private parts/nudity or any sexual-activity. This is including but not limited to:

    Failure to follow this rule will cause immediate removal of the explicit picture, post, and/or thread, and the user will be warned. If the behavior continues, the user will be banned. Also, please do not link directly to sites which display pornographic material. This includes, but is not limited to, all visual media (images, videos, etc) of:
    We know everyone likes to share, and we have no control over what you choose to share with one another in private, but please do not link to illegal downloads, or unlicensed streaming sites on the TechHubGH public forum. It is technically illegal, and is not in the best interest of the site. If you link to illegal content it will be removed by a moderator.
    Repeated failure to heed this rule by a user may result in an account suspension of which the duration shall be decided at the moderator’s discretion. If you see any posts linking to this type of content please do report it, so a moderator may take action to address it.

    Thank you

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