Best Food Delivery Apps in Ghana: Glovo, Bolt | Promo Code

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Everybody wants convenience, well I know I do.

So when it comes to getting my favourite food from the best restaurants in front of me at the right time, I don’t slack, I make sure I reach out to the best food apps on my phone to place my order.

Glovo Ghana, Bolt Food and Jumia Food apps are some of the best delivery food services you can find in Ghana.

Depending on your location i.e Accra, Tema and Kumasi, you get the luxury of having food delivered right at your doorsteps.

You can find popular restaurants like Cheezzy Pizza, Frankie’s, KFC, Burger King, Chickenman, Mama Put (Nigerian Restaurant), Marwako, Eddys Pizza on these apps.

Below are the various features and offers the food apps provide.

Glovo Food Ghana

Glovo is a Spanish company that operates in over 15 countries worldwide and they are well reputable when in comes to fast and efficient food delivery service.

Glovo Food app currently operates in Accra and Tema.

If you live in these cities you get access to some of the best restaurants and fast food services in Ghana.

To begin using Glovo, download the app from your app store: Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).

Glovo App also has other shops aside from restaurants, you will find merchants such as SPAR supermarket for groceries and close-by pharmacies for medications.

One huge advantage you have with Glovo app is that even if you can’t locate your favourite shops on the app, you can set your preferred shop location to order whatever you want as long as it fits in the Glovo Bag.

You can also use Glovo app to also deliver items to your customers, friends and family.

The only downside of this is that it is a bit expensive.

Go ahead, download the app and use the Glovo Ghana Promo code TPVMRJ1 to get free deliveries for your first orders.

Bolt Food App

You may already be staunch user of Bolt Ride app, which is great, but have you downloaded the Bolt Food app?

Visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to download the Bolt Ghana Food.

After that, register to begin ordering from the app.

You can find a lot popular restaurants to choose from: Yah Ice Cream, Pinkberry, KFC, Oliver Twist Shack, Dough Man Food and lots more.

Delivery fee on Bolt Food is very cheap compared to the other food delivery apps, and you also get huge discounts from the various restaurants.

Jumia Food

Note: Jumia Food is no longer operating in Ghana.

Jumia Food offers one of the best delivery services in Accra. You can download the Jumia Food app or use the Jumia Food web app to order your meals.

Create an account to begin ordering if you don’t already have one.

Jumia Food frequently offers its users huge discounts on the restaurants on its platform.

Make sure you don’t miss any of these special offers.

Pizarea is one of the oldest food delivery companies in Ghana. Their primary mission was to make pizza deliveries easy and fast.

But they have now extended their services to other restaurants. You can find Chinese, Indian, Turkish, Cafes and other restaurants on their app.

You can order directly from Pizarea’s website or download their app.


It would be great if these food delivery services covered the whole country but unfortunately they only cover the main cities in Ghana – Accra, Tema and Kumasi.

But all in all, you get convenience, inexpensive delivery fees and affordable food prices.

Go on and try the apps 😋

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