Buffer’s Start Page – Free Landing Page

Buffer Start Page

Popular Social Media Scheduling tool Buffer has introduced a new tool called Start Page.

Buffer’s Start Page is a simple, mobile-friendly landing page that you can within a few minutes and launch it as a landing page as your profile, portfolio or business page.

Start Page is an alternative to linktree but goes further to add beauty and other rich features to webpage.

How to get your Buffer Start Page

To get started, you need to create an account. Visit Start Page to register.

You can then start by changing content using the block available. Click on Layout on the right section of page to change your webpage layout.

You can choose different themes, add your own texts, links, images and YouTube videos to create an appealing webpage for your visitors.

When you are done creating a nice and presentable page, go to the Settings button below and add your preferred page name, save and publish page.

Get link to your page and share across your platforms.

Quite convenient and easy.

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