Books in Ghana: Where to Buy and Get For Free

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If you are an avid book reader in Ghana like myself, then sometimes your desire to get some books especially physical books in Accra can be a frustrated.

Luckily, this article exists, we have put together a collection of all the major channels you can find any book you want.

Below are the platforms you can your favourite books, both online and physical bookstores:

1. EPP Book Services

If you have schooled in Ghana, then you probably have bought a book or loads of them from EPP. EPP Book Services have several book stores scattered across the country.

In Accra, you can find EPP Book shops at University of Ghana – Legon, GIMPA, Zenith College, Mataheko, Trade Fair, Methodist University, and Achimota.

They are mainly known for their textbooks and educational books although their library stocks a lot of other book genres including novels, children’s storybooks, biographies etc.

2. Project Gutenberg

If free ebooks are your thing, then check out the Gutenberg project.

They have over 60,000 books you can choose from. From classical to popular books. Select free epub and Kindle eBooks, download them for offline reading or read them online.

Visit Project Gutenberg to check out their wide library of free ebooks.

I hope you find all the books you are looking for. Happy reading.

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