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You are welcome to techhubGh.com, and we are glad you are here, hopefully you stick here longer to discover what this discussion platform is all about.

What is this techhubGH?

This is a new online discussion platform and community for Ghanaians to learn, share, discover ideas to improve upon our lives and be informed.

This platform will focus on new and exciting opportunities in technology, education and business opportunities. This website will serve as a platform for such information.

How you can contribute?

As a member of this open community , you can contribute in 2 main ways:

1. By asking relevant questions or adding topics in the respective forums

2. By offering your expertise/authoritative advice or adding your contributions to further discussions on Forums.

As an online platform, we aim to make this a hub that will serve Ghanaians across the country where you can ask questions and get answered. You can here and leave here better informed.

How to become a member?

This platform is open to everyone. To become a member, you will need to register as a user.(participant). The participant role will gives you access to read and write content on all public Forum here. Start by registering here.

Contribute to blog

To contribute to blog post, kindly send the post to [email protected]. All potential blog posts will be reviewed before published.

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